In addition to serving corporate real estate, pharmaceutical, government and educational markets, SMC maintains more automotive manufacturing facilities than any other supplier in North America.

Our quality and operational systems are built upon the tenets of:

  • Total Quality Management
  • Six Sigma
  • ISO Certification
  • Kaizen
quality innerpic

SMC engineers optimal processes to drastically reduce waste-in-process and produce superior results.  We have combined these disciplines into the Superior Production System (SPS), which produce efficiencies and results that few in our industry can approach.

SMC knows that consistently inspecting, document, and reporting of results is important to our customers.  We use customized quality management hardware and software to measure our success in achieving mutually agreeable key performance indicators.

Consistent success in exceeding KPI scores is enhanced by inspecting not just the result, but the process that creates the result.  This is where SMC gains an edge in our training, supervision and company wide leadership.

Not many enjoy change, but SMC makes it easy for you with our service transitions   Our transition process is centered around detailed planning, preparation  training and commitment of management resources to ensure that every detail is attended to.  It is our Mission to create immediate and ongoing success for every new account and to reward our customers for selecting SMC.

 Servicing over 50 Million Sq Feet and Counting