Quality Culture 2004 Toyota APP Supplier Award Winner
Commitment to Total Quality Management 2005 National Supplier of the Year
ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 Certified 2006 Centers of Excellence
Proven Supplier Partner 2006 NMSDC Supplier of the Year
Experience Management Team 2007 Lynx Service Partner of the Year
2003 KMSDC Supplier of the Year 2007 NMSDC Supplier of the Year Nominee
2004 NMSDC Corporate Plus Member 2009 TSMSDC Supplier of the Year

Maintains More Automotive Manufacturers than any other Supplier in North America

Our History:Superior Maintenance Co. Inc.SMC began operations in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky area in 1988. SMC has grown successfully year by year because of their commitment to quality service.

Our Vision: To revolutionize the Building Maintenance Industry by achieving new standards of quality and productivity that is significantly above current industry standards. We must create a culture within our company that will in turn create quality minded employees and the quality performance through teamwork. By integrating this quality consciousness within ourselves, we will become that premier provider of building maintenance services.

Mission Statement “We shall exceed the customer’s expectations through dedication to anticipating and satisfying customer needs while providing services of superior quality, value and delivery through teamwork.”